The Velence Resort & Spa is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Lake Velence. It offers relaxation areas, medicinal pools and thermal treatments. Several water jets for back and neck massages, a mushroom shower jet, as well as jacuzzi and hydro-massage beds offer a large range of enjoyable and therapeutic services. 

Children pools with many games for the little ones, makes also Velence Spa a perfect destination for families. Furthermore, the Spa has a private grass beach on the shore of Velence lake, allowing to take advantage of a refreshing bath in the lake’s water. Rich in minerals, sodium and magnesium, it regenerates tired bodies and alleviates rheumatic symptoms. 

Velence Béke utca hrsz. 4481/G,
2481 Hungary

Tel: +36 22 589 900


With nearly 200 000 visitors attending its balneal and physiotherapy treatments every year, Agárd Spa and Thermal Bath is one of the most popular recreational centre in the region. The 58C alkaline, hydro carbonated, chloride, sulphate, calcium and fluorinated medicinal water from 1000m deep is recommended especially for easing rheumatic complaints, abrasions, musculoskeletal disorders, certain gynaecological disorders and surgical pains. Offering therapeutic treatments for grandparents, wellness and sauna for parents, as well as fun pools and playgrounds for kids, it is a perfect vacation destination for the whole family. 

Indoor Pools

Suitable for musculo-skeletal disorders, rheumatic complaints and gynecological problems, the 350m² indoor thermal pool offers relaxation and regeneration all year round. The thermal water is rich in minerals, and is cooled down to 36 ° C.

The family experience pool, renovated in 2007 offers a 180m² pool for adults offering a refreshing experience with standing and lying massage elements, water jets and geysers. A water slide with 0.5m water depths and fun games with mushroom cascade, ensures that the children can also enjoy themselves. 

Outdoor Pools

The open air 300m² thermal pool offers a perfect relaxing experience all year round. In the summer months, the pool is surrounded with exclusive sunbeds. 

The family experience pool with a water surface of 450m² offers different attractions dedicated to the whole family. Small kids have access to a 30cm depth pool, whereas older ones can enjoy a 60cm depth pools. Several adventure elements for children are available, such as: water slide, water pine tree, “bucket game” and balloon slide. For adults, two separate parts of 90cm and 119 cm depth water are available offering seat pads and beds, massage jets, water curtains, giant neck shower and four water jets. A water bar is also part of the pool, offering drinks and refreshments.

2484 Agárd, Fürdő tér 1.

Phone: +36.22.579.230